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Share this, please, among all your english speaking friends. contains a video filmed by Russian separatists in a Ukrainian village called Stepanovka (Luhansk Region). The video footage depicts a militants’ breakthrough in armored vehicles from Rostov Oblast across the Russian-Ukrainian border. Flags of so-called “Novorossia” wave above the military equipment; militants have St.George’s ribbons tied on cloths. The video lasts about 10 minute.
The video displays scenes where militants are firing at Ukrainian soldiers and are hiding in a cornfield. There is also a short interview with a volunteer (or mercenary) from Serbia; he presents himself as a sniper from Vojvodina.
Later on the fight moves to the residential block of the village, and the occupants fire at Ukrainian servicemen from among civilian houses. The bombardment begins and gunmen burst into someone’s house to hide in a cellar. Some of them get wounded by shrapnel and then demonstrate their wounds to an operator.
At the very end of this video, Russian terrorists film the corpse of their fellow (called “Santa”). The operator comments behind the camera: “Look, Ukrainians, you are killing people”. He forgets to add that militants themselves broke through the border using guns to spread violence, chaos and death in Ukraine.


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